Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Season

Families of all backgrounds and ethnicites come together for the holidays to share food, gifts and laughter in each others company. Although many cultures have holiday's throughout the year, the holiday season is usually synonomous with winter and surrounds itself around the christmas holiday. The events most celebrated begin the day before thanksgiving, which is known as the busiest time of year for bars because everyone is home for the holiday and friends get together to have a drink before the feast the next day. Then its thanksgiving, which families eat a huge dinner and then alot head to the movies with soaring box office . Black friday is one of the busiest shopping days in the entire year. Alot of stores have began to start early on thanksgiving day because the stores are so busy. For example this year, toys r us began its sales on 10pm thursday night. I thought I would wait until 11pm so that most people would already be in the checkout line or gone. However, when I got there there was a line that wrapped around the building. It was pouring down rain and I had left my umbrella in the car, so I looked behind me in line and decided that it was not worth getting back in line behind the 50 or so people that were behind me. I waited for about a half hour in that line as I kept checking the ad to see what I circled and if it was even worth waiting in line anymore. Finally, I got into the store and found the items I wanted as I looked over to my right and saw that the checkout line wrapped around every isle in the store. Luckily, I found one of my friends towards the end of the line and stood in line with her. We waited about 2 or more hours in line to checkout. A few of my relatives stood in line at walmart from 9pm - 5am to get a flat screen t.v. Every year the deals get harder and harder to get and people start loosing alot of sleep over gifts either for themselves or for other people. I didnt get to sleep until 2:30pm on Friday which means I went to bed at 4am thanksgiving morning and woke up at 8am thanksgiving morning and didnt get back to sleep until 2:30pm the day after thanksgiving. Sleep is a vital component of one's life and well-being, so why do we sacrifice so much of it around the holidays without any complaints?

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